How to get it?

To get it first get Mesh and download the server and MMOG. Host the Mesh on the Sever and then join it on the MMOG. Relax and play. When you save the data will be saved to the server for you to log on.


You may ask the whole point of a MMOG is Multiplayer. This is also added in in my MMOG.  You just simply link more than 1 project to the server. If you are on the same network just link them normaly, but if they are on diffrent networks then you have to do things diffrently. You use Hamachi.


This is a unique program (google it) that allows you to among other things, link Scratch projects on diffrent networks. Just simply download and run. Then talk to people in the offical network,
Name:   Scratch MMOG
Pass:      mesh

You then simply ask them to play and use the IP on Hamachi to connect.